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You are completely unique--body, mind, and spirit. 
Each reiki healing session is just as unique-- a divinely-guided experience to help bring your spirit into balance and to help address what is coming up for you now spiritually, emotionally, and sometimes even physically*
Every experience will be completely unique, just like you.
Start now, your soul will thank you.

Select a Membership Option for the
Ultimate Self-Care Plan

Monthly Energy Flow



Every month

Bring your energy into balance and refresh each month

1 x 60-minute healing session each month

Weekly Energy Flow



Every month

Stay in-tune with your chakras with a weekly reiki session

4 x 30-minute reiki healing sessions
(or 2 x 60-minute sessions)

Bring Your Spirit into Balance Now
Select a Single Session
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30-Minute Reiki
Healing Session
30 minutes


60-Minute Reiki
Healing Session
1 hour


90-Minute Reiki
Healing Session
1 hour 30 minutes