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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Reiji-Ho consists of three short rituals carried out before a healing treatment.

1. Place your hands in the Gassho position in front of your chest and close your eyes. Ask the Reiki energy to flow through you. In a short time you may start to feel Reiki enter through your crown charka, in your hands or another party of your body.

2. If you have Second Degree Reiki, use the distance symbol to connect with Reiki. Repeat three times for Reiki to flow, then send the mental-healing symbol and seal it all with the power symbol. If you don’t have Second Degree Reiki then just repeat three times in your head for Reiki to flow through you.

3. Pray for the recovery and/or health of the person on all levels.

4. Raise your folded hands to your third eye and ask the Reiki energy to guide your hands to where the energy is needed. Trust you intuition, as we all have it, but it will take time before we can actually learn to listen to the inspiration that is already there.

5. Until you can trust your intuition ask your client what is bothering them and used the standard hand positions to treat the troubled areas.


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