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For a Reiki Practitioner Hatsurei-ho is a way to enhance your Reiki channel and help you grow spiritually. It is an exercise used to cleanse the aura, so you may place your hands a little away from the body.

Hatsurei-ho is a Reiki exercise that Dr. Usui (Reiki’s founder) taught to his students for increasing their Reiki power. Through a series of motions, energy channels are opened up and Reiki energies are passed through them clearing any blocks and widening them in the process. If you had only one daily practice to enhance your Reiki I would recommend that it be Hatsurei-ho.

Here’s how to cleanse your aura:

• Make yourself comfortable, remove all the tension from your body and relax. Close your eyes lightly. Straighten your back. Bring your attention to the Dantien (3-5 cm below the navel). Place both your hands on your lap with your palms facing downwards.
• Focus your mind. Allow it to become quiet. Say "I'll begin (Hatsurei-ho/cleansing the aura)" to your sub-consciousness.
• As you focus on clearing your energies lightly brush yourself with your hands as if you were dusting your body. Brush your hands first, then brush down your arms, brush from your shoulder to your opposite hip, brush down your legs. As you brush imagine you are clearing all tension, stress and ill feelings from your body. Make a sound as “aaahh” as you breathe out.
• Raise your hands high up in the air and imagine the highest spiritual energy flowing into your hands and running through your whole body. Imagine the color silver or gold as the waterfall of pure energy cleanses your body, mind and spiritual essence.
• Place your hands on your lap, palms facing upwards. On the in breath, imagine the energy of golden-white light coming in on the in-breath through the crown and into the whole body. Pause before exhaling, and feel this light expanding to fill the whole body, dissolving all tension and stress.

As the light fills your body, imagine that it is transforming all the negative and stuck energy in your body. As you breathe out, feel the light going out through the skin of the whole body to the Universe in all directions. Do this process above until you are feeling “lighter”.

• Next, put your hands in a prayer position at heart level. Keep your concentration on your breath. On your in breath and your out breath.
• Holding the prayer position, bring your attention to the Dantien just below your navel. Imagine that you are breathing through your hands. When you breathe in, visualize that the light flows in between your hands, into your Dantien and imagine that it being filled with light.
• When you breathe out, visualize that the light gushes out through the palms of your hands and radiating out through the skin of your body.
• Repeat (1), (2) for a couple of minutes or as long as you like.
• At this time in Hatsurei-ho you could continue with your normal meditation.
• Put your hands back on to your laps with your palms down. Say silently to your subconscious mind "I have finished."
• Open your eyes and shake your hands up/down/left/right for a few seconds.

This Cleansing the Aura technique has been used by many for spiritual growth and peace of mind. It is a meditation from Taoist qigong. You will find it to be an amazing technique that easily brings focus on your breath and allowing it to slow down.

Cleanse aura meditation greatly relaxes the body and calms the mind and is very beneficial for anyone as a stress reliever.


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